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21 Accents Financial Aid

Need-Based Scholarships

We at 21 Accents believe in empowering others through vocal and speech training to embody their full potential. In an effort to make this highly effective training available to everyone, we're happy to offer our 21 Accents Scholarship program!


Refugees and Asylum-Seekers will be given access to any of our courses for free. 


Anyone with a financial need is welcome to apply for a partial or full scholarship. Vibes to your optimal learning! 

Union Members:

In solidarity with the WGA and SAG strikes, the L.A. labor unions strike, and strikes across the US and around the world, we're offering 25% off to all union members for our online accent courses! 


 Just email with:

• A photo of your current Union Membership card

• The name of the course you'd like to purchase

and we'll send you a coupon for 25% off!

~Click Here to see all our course offerings~

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